Zentangle Inktober Tangles Day 16 – DINOVEL
Zentangle Inktober Tangles Day 16 – DINOVEL

Zentangle Inktober Tangles Day 16 – DINOVEL

Zentangle Inktober Tangles Day 16 gave me a cute nature-inspired pattern to play with.

Zentangle Pattern DINOVEL

DINOVEL, by Susan Yeo, CZT, creates a cute and delicate flower blossom. Easy to draw with three loops connect with round wavy lines, the resulting shape can hold hold a variety of embellishments. The basic version could be a vessel for color. I opted to expand upon the basic version by adding lines to amp up the depth and roundness.

Today’s Tangle

Zentangle Inktober Tangles Day 16 DINOVEL

When I practiced this pattern and created the sample bijou tile, I really wasn’t all that jazzed about it. Even though I generally like nature tangles, I just couldn’t get into the pattern. Like anything in life, you don’t have to like 100% of something and that includes Zentangle patterns! However, when I’m participating in a challenge like Inktober, I try to make something special out of each pattern.

I started this tile with the three DINOVEL shapes, but did not fill them in. I then set the tile aside for a little while. When I came back to it, I knew exactly what I wanted to to do with it, adding lines in the shape and finishing the tile with FESCU and MOOKA. I used my chalk pastel pencils to add color. In spite of my initial hesitation about this pattern, it really grew on me! I plan to use it again in future projects. In it’s simpler state, it would look lovely on a watercolor-washed background.

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The Challenge: Zentangle Inktober Tangles by 7F5R

7F5R (Seven Forests Five Rivers) host a Zentangle version of Inktober every year called Inktober Tangles. Check out their Facebook group to find more information and to see the amazing art created by Zentangle teachers and artists from around the world. Each day, we are given a Zentangle pattern and are asked to create something with it.