Zentangle Inktober Tangles Day 15 – NOOM
Zentangle Inktober Tangles Day 15 – NOOM

Zentangle Inktober Tangles Day 15 – NOOM

Zentangle Inktober Tangles Day 15 pushed me to learn a pattern that I had been ignoring.

Zentangle pattern NOOM

I had long been aware of NOOM by Zentangle HQ. When you become a Certified Zentangle Teacher, you get catalogue of the tangles created by the team at Zentangle. It’s a fabulous resource and I flip through it regularly when I’m looking for a pattern for my latest project and I’m not sure what I want. I regularly paused on the page where NOOM lived and decided that I didn’t want to take the time to figure it out.

Today’s Tangle

Zentangle Inktober Tangles NOOM

It turns out – at least for me – this pattern wasn’t actually all that hard. You do need to pay attention while you draw it – no zoning out for me! The wreath in my final design, had more pencil string lines than some as I wanted some of my leafy FLUX pop over the NOOM. This tile definitely required more planning on my part than some, but once I got the general spacing set up, I could relax and let this wreath happen.

Like Zentangle Inktober Tangles Day 14, I opted to use my colored pencils for this one. I love creating the highlights and lowlights using gradiations of color. I wish I had settled on this prior to starting the tile, though, because I would have chosen a bristol card over the Zentangle tiles which are similar to watercolor paper. The Zentangle tiles don’t give as smooth of a result as a bristol tile would. Nevertheless, I do really like how this piece turned out and I’m happy that Inktober finally pushed me to put NOOM in my repertoire of patterns.

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The Challenge: Zentangle Inktober Tangles by 7F5R

7F5R (Seven Forests Five Rivers) host a Zentangle version of Inktober every year called Inktober Tangles. Check out their Facebook group to find more information and to see the amazing art created by Zentangle teachers and artists from around the world. Each day, we are given a Zentangle pattern and are asked to create something with it.