Zentangle Inktober Tangles Day 14 – Slidehat
Zentangle Inktober Tangles Day 14 – Slidehat

Zentangle Inktober Tangles Day 14 – Slidehat

Zentangle Inktober Tangles Day 14 gave me a quirky, wavy pattern with lots of possibilities.

Zentangle pattern Slidehat

SLIDEHAT by Karin Frank reminds me of the colorful bands on an equalizer – just less uniform. The pattern starts with a wavy line that you make into a ribbon. The ribbon’s spaces are filled with another wavy ribbon line (sometimes more), and each hump get a series of arcs to make a lumpy hat. If the initial wavy line isn’t too wide, it makes a funky border, but if it you start bigger, you can create a centerpiece to work from or a fill with it. Either way, all the little bands created by a ribbon can potentially hold a pattern fragment. So many possibilities!

Today’s Tangle

Inktober Tangles Day 14 Slidehat

I opted for a bubbly underwater vibe with this one. Instead of adding another pattern into the bands, I used my colored pencils to to create gradients. I paired it with a bunch of orbs to make bubbles. The result reminds me of those weird tiny sea creatures that bob around in the ocean. This pattern landed on my list of patterns to revisit in the near future. I would like to use it as a reticula (framework) for a pattern fragment or two and see how it changes the character overall.

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The Challenge: Zentangle Inktober Tangles by 7F5R

7F5R (Seven Forests Five Rivers) host a Zentangle version of Inktober every year called Inktober Tangles. Check out their Facebook group to find more information and to see the amazing art created by Zentangle teachers and artists from around the world. Each day, we are given a Zentangle pattern and are asked to create something with it.