Zentangle Inktober Tangles Day 6 – HEARTFULLY
Zentangle Inktober Tangles Day 6 – HEARTFULLY

Zentangle Inktober Tangles Day 6 – HEARTFULLY

Zentangle Inktober Tangles Day 6 was not an easy challenge for me, but not for the reason that I expected.

Zentangle Inktober Tangles Day 6 Heartfully

I fully expected not to like HEARTFULLY by Helen Williams. I am generally not a fan of patterns that use hearts as a main element. I don’t really have a reason other than I don’t enjoy drawing a bunch of heart shapes. (What’s that say about me? I have no idea…) The more I worked with it, though, the more I really liked it! I love the result of two different flower shapes depending on whether yo focus on the center of the grid box or the box corners. I will definitely be revisiting this pattern in future nature-themed tangles!

Today’s Tangle

Inktober Tangles Day 6 Heartfully

And now the challenge that I mention above. I had such high hopes for this card. I love using the Zentangle Renaissance tiles with the reddish brown micron and white chalk pencils. This tile, however, did not stand up to the amount of blending that I normally like to do. You can see where the card started disagreeing with me where I used graphite for shading. I’ve done this amount of work on cards before without an issue, so I was surprised with the paper started flaking.

The card still photographed fairly well and I like my idea for it. I may try something similar again in the future on a white tile or maybe even use watercolor paper and put a wash on it first. I’ll add it to my long list of ideas that I want to try out at some point!

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The Challenge: Zentangle Inktober Tangles by 7F5R

7F5R (Seven Forests Five Rivers) host a Zentangle version of Inktober every year called Inktober Tangles. Check out their Facebook group to find more information and to see the amazing art created by Zentangle teachers and artists from around the world. Each day, we are given a Zentangle pattern and are asked to create something with it. Some artists create beautiful frameworks to blend the various tangles together into one piece of art. I wish I was that organized! I create a card for each day – it gives me the freedom to change up mediums I use, but it also means I don’t have to prep anything ahead of time!


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