Confessions of an Obsessive Zentangle Artist: Yumeni Pattern
Confessions of an Obsessive Zentangle Artist: Yumeni Pattern

Confessions of an Obsessive Zentangle Artist: Yumeni Pattern

Yumeni Zentangle Pattern in 6 pieces of art. Cherry Blossom flowers and leaves with watercolor, chalk pastel, brush pens, gel pens

Confessions of an Obsessive Zentangle Artist: Yumeni Pattern

Every year, I look forward to the various challenges that Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZTs) put together. I’m terrible about completing them. If you look at old posts on this site, you’ll see my attempt at Inktober from a few years ago. (I actually did finish that challenge, but never finished posting the results). I wish I could tangle daily, but life inevitably gets in the way. I’m happy if I can sit down and tangle a couple times a week.

So why do I love these challenges that require me to tangle daily? Or, at least, tangle more than I normally would?

The pattern lists!

I have books of patterns. I frequent Linda Farmer’s amazing resource, I also try to remember to buy her updated book every year to support her. I’ve been known to go down the Pinterest rabbit hole looking at patterns. I have no lack of patterns to pull from, but that’s the rub. I almost have too much to pick from!

Each challenge offers a curated pattern list, often with a story behind each pattern. I pour over the lists like a kid with a JCPenney Christmas Catalog. (For you youngsters, this catalog was the premiere resource for kids to create their Christmas Wish Lists before the internet existed). Even if I don’t participate in the challenge, the list becomes a valuable resource.

Which feeds my obsessive personality….

I like to explore ideas deeply. New patterns often become fodder for months, showing up in a variety of formats. Take the Zentangle pattern Yumeni by Shie Naritomi. I don’t remember which challenge I learned it from, but I do remember falling in love with the delicate little flowers immediately. Over the years, I return to it regularly.

Yumeni, Flux, Tipple Zentangle patterns colored with chalk pastel pencils

It became a staple in my classes inspired by nature. I’ve taught this design many times to kids and adults and still enjoy drawing it. I recently used this design to launch my Draw With Me series. I also feature it as an anchor pattern in both versions of my Floral Wreath Class.

2 pieces of art featuring Zentangle pattern Yumeni. One in a rectangle featuring brush pens & chalk pastels. One on a Zendala round tile featuring brush pens.

Yumeni’s fluid nature plays nicely with the variety of card shapes offered by Zentangle HQ. Layers of little blossoms fit into any shape. Pile them together to create a bouquet thick patch of flowers or space them out to make room for other elements.

Pick your pattern and experiment!

When I was a new tangler (long before I was a CZT), I had a limited art supply and a basic idea of how to use my pens and pencils. Through my obsessive experimentation, I figured out a lot! If I’m not worrying about how to draw the pattern, I can focus on trying other things.

Become a little obsessive…

…and allow yourself to fully explore the pattern.