Intro to Zentangle Class for Kids
Intro to Zentangle Class for Kids

Intro to Zentangle Class for Kids

Intro to Zentangle Class for Kids
Intro to Zentangle – Z is for Zentangle!

You see the Z in the first card, right? Tanglers often start with the three patterns in the cards above. It’s amazing how much someone can do with just these – all three are incredibly versatile! The Intro to Zentangle class sets up beginning tanglers for learning more complex patterns. We will learn three basic basic patterns with variations and create a design with them. This class is taught in black & white. Because it is a class for new tanglers, we do not work in color. If your student wants to learn how to incorporate color into their tangles, check out my other classes.

Upcoming classes:

  • TBD

Please visit the class page on Outschool to register.

  • White mixed media paper or 3.5″ square art cards
  • A black fine tipped ink pen (such as a .01 Micron)
  • A soft sketch pencil (2B, HB, or 2H work best, but a #2 pencil will also work)
  • A blending stump or tortillon (Q-tips, tightly rolled paper towels or fingers can also be used to blend, but they may not be as precise)
  • Optional: A black .08 Micron or similar pen for coloring in large areas
  • Colored pencils or gel pens – if you want to add color.

I offer a similar class for older teens and adults. Go here for more information.

About Zentangle

​​The Zentangle Method® offers a way to create beautiful art while relaxing and focusing our intentions. In my classes, students learn abstract Zentangle patterns while we relax, chat, and unwind. These classes elevate drawing into a meditative practice that can help calm and center the mind. Perfect for beginner and experienced artists – and even for people who think they can’t draw! Even the most intricate looking patterns are based on easy-to-draw lines and shapes. Together, we’ll take it one step at a time.

About Outschool

The Outschool platform started as a small learning site geared towards homeschoolers. The pandemic saw an influx of students from traditional schooling backgrounds and Outschool responded. Now, it’s a popular platform that serves students world-wise with thousands of teachers and topics. Outschool provides a safe, inclusive space for all learners and has been a part of our family’s homeschool journey since 2017. I became a teacher there in 2020 when the pandemic forced me to close my in-person studio.


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