Online Private Music Composition Lessons
Online Private Music Composition Lessons

Online Private Music Composition Lessons

Online Private Composition Lessons for Teens and Adults

Private Music Composition Lessons for teens and adults
Online private music composition lessons.

I offer online private music composition lessons in 45 and 60 minute time blocks for teens and adult. Work with me to learn composition, music theory, song-writing, and arranging. Lessons are held via Zoom or similar platform. I also offer online, flexible schedule music composition classes for teens on Outschool.

Areas of Expertise

  • Music Composition & Song-writing – I can teach foundational skills all the way through advanced/jazz writing
  • Music Arranging – My specialty is arranging for voice (solo and group), but I also write/arrange for instruments
  • Music Theory – Composition & Arranging starts with solid music theory skills. I can tutor basic note reading/rhythm skills up to advanced A/P level and jazz theory. I can also teach sight-reading, ear-training, and musical dictation.

Book a Discovery Call with me to discuss your specific needs and goals. Lessons can be tailored to take advantage of my areas of expertise in music composition, theory, and/or voice. Book a Discovery Call with me to discuss your specific goals.

Joining My Studio

Joining my studio for composition and theory lessons is a slightly different process than for voice lessons. As with voice lessons, we will start with a Discovery Call, but then I will formulate a personalized plan based on the your needs and objectives. If you are looking for voice lessons in addition to composition, you will work through my two step process as outlined here.

Discovery Call

During this 15 – 30 minute Zoom call, we’ll discuss your goals as a singer and how I might be able to help you meet them. If you are looking for help with a project, please send me a scan or MIDI file so that we can look at it together while we talk. Schedule your Discovery Call now!

Shortly after we meet – usually the same day – I will send an email outlining my understanding of your goals and objectives and a plan for how we’ll begin work together. If applicable, I will send links to music or other materials (such as a music theory book) to purchase. At that time, you will be asked to select which lesson package you’d like to start with and I will set you up on the student calendar.

Ready to get started? Schedule your Discovery Call.

Lesson Packages

The academic year session runs from September – May, typically starting the week of Labor Day and ending the week before Memorial Day. Summer session lessons typically start the week of Memorial Day go through the end of August. For both sessions, I offer several options for lesson scheduling. Booking lessons and engagements is ongoing and based on availability. Studio policies and current pricing can be found here.

Drop In Lessons

Drop In Lessons give you the most flexibility for scheduling. You are not assigned a specific day or time, rather, you can schedule ad hoc lessons to fit your schedule. Drop In Lessons are perfect for the musician who occasionally needs a coaching session, but isn’t sure if they want to commit to more than a couple lessons in an academic year or summer session.

Flexible Class Packs

Lesson packs may be purchased in 3, 6, or 10 lesson packages. Like Drop In Lessons, students may use these lessons at any time. Students are not assigned a specific day and time, however, they may use their packs to secure a regular spot if they wish. This option is especially useful for students who would like to come every other week or students who would like multiple lessons in one week.

Lesson packs must be used during the session they are purchased. Unused lessons do not carry over from one session to the next and at the conclusion of the session, any unused lessons are forfeited. During the summer, class packs are the only available lesson package.

Semester & Academic Year Long Packages

During the academic year session, students may purchase weekly lessons by the semester or for the entire year. At the time of purchase, students will be assigned a day and time.

Schedule Your Discovery Call


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