Music Composition II for Teens: Basic Harmony Techniques & Song Form for Beginners
Music Composition II for Teens: Basic Harmony Techniques & Song Form for Beginners

Music Composition II for Teens: Basic Harmony Techniques & Song Form for Beginners

Music Composition II for Teens: Basic Harmony Techniques & Song Form for Beginners

Do you have a musically-inclined teen who wants to take their skill set to the next level? My music composition classes for teens offer a fun way to expand any music student’s skill set through composition.

Music Composition for Teens Basic Harmony and Song Form

This self-paced class explores basic harmony and rhythm. We will begin by learning about the tonic, dominant, and subdominant chords and how they can support the melody. We will then work with creating harmonic rhythms and learn how our rhythms affect the flow of our music. After our exploration of harmony, we will work song forms and write several short songs. The class concludes with a final project where students can apply what they’ve learned. While this class builds on Music Composition I (melody), students with melody writing experience can join this class. Please read the prerequisites carefully.

I also offer Private Music Composition Lessons. Music Composition III: Beyond the Basics with Minor Keys and Cadences picks up where this class ends.

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Students will be writing music almost immediately. As part of the course, they will work in Noteflight, a web-based music composition app. My studio maintains a license for Noteflight Learn in order to provide a private, safe space for students to learn and create their music. This class is not limited by instruments or genres – the concepts covered work for everything. Because of Noteflight, students do not even need to own an instrument. Students who are new to this series will receive access to my Noteflight tutorials.

Outschool Self-Paced Classes

Videos and hands-on activities make up each lesson in this class. Since the class is self-paced, students can work on the material as their schedules allow. Upon completion of assignments, I assess the work and provide feedback. Students are welcome to contact me at any time with questions or for further assistance/information

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Prerequisites for the Music Composition II Class

This class is geared towards beginner and intermediate composition students with a solid footing in music theory. In order to fully participate in this class, students should:

  • Understand and read basic rhythm (whole notes/rests, half notes/rests, quarter notes/rests, eighth notes/rests, dotted rhythms)
  • Be able to read Treble and Bass clef including 2 ledger lines above and below
  • Be able to read sharps and flats
  • Understand basic music intervals (major 2nds, 3rds, 6ths, and 7ths; perfect 4th & 5ths; minor 3rds)
  • Be able to write a melody in a major key

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Classes begin immediately at the time of registration.

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About Outschool

The Outschool platform started as a small learning site geared towards homeschoolers. The pandemic saw an influx of students from traditional schooling backgrounds and Outschool responded. Now, it’s a popular platform that serves students world-wise with thousands of teachers and topics. Outschool provides a safe, inclusive space for all learners and has been a part of our family’s homeschool journey since 2017. I became a teacher there in 2020 when the pandemic forced me to close my in-person studio.


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