Introduction to Zentangle® & Watercolor Class
Introduction to Zentangle® & Watercolor Class

Introduction to Zentangle® & Watercolor Class

Introduction to Zentangle® & Watercolor Class for Adults

Learn the basics of the Zentangle® Method and how to use watercolors to enhance your pattern drawing. This class will cover several introductory patterns and how to create watercolor wash backgrounds for your designs. This class is appropriate for beginner and intermediate adult tanglers. If you are looking for a version of this class for kids, check out this class.

Introduction to Zentangle & Watercolor Class
Introduction to Zentangle® & Watercolor Adult Beginner Class

Introduction to Zentangle® & Watercolor Schedule

This class runs over two sessions for 2 hours each.

Upcoming sessions:

  • TBD

This class will run again. Please sign up for my mailing list and be the first to know when registration goes live for it.

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Introduction to Zentangle® Class & Watercolor – What to Expect

This class walks students through the Zentangle Method® using several foundational patterns. The first week, we will set up several watercolor washes and then create a black & white tile to learn the Zentangle Method® and to get familiar with the tools. The second week, we will create two tangles using our favorite washes created in the first week. The first tangle will use the patterns learned in the first week and the second tangle will use new patterns.

This class is intended for new tanglers who are unfamiliar with The Zentangle Method® and experienced tangles who would like to learn about using watercolors in their creations. I also offer an introductory class without watercolor: Introduction to Zentangle®.

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The Intro to Zentangle® and Watercolor Class will cover:

  • The Zentangle Method®
  • Overview of the tools used in the art form
  • Tile composition
  • Shading Technique
  • Watercolor Wash Creation, using wet into wet and wet into dry techniques
  • Highlight creation using a white chalk pastel pencil

This online Zentangle class will be held via Zoom.

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Class Supplies

You’ll need:

  • Your choice:
    • Several White Zentangle Cards
    • Several sheets of White Water color or Mixed Media paper (minimum 98lb / 160g) – cut to 4″ – 6″ squares. (Bigger than this may end up being too big for the time alotted).
  • Black Micron 01, 02, or PN pen. Alternative: Any fine-tipped art pen such as a Staedtler fine-liner or Sharpie Ultra Fine Point
  • Soft Sketch Pencil – 2B, HB, or 2H work best
  • Tortillon or blending stump. Alternatives: Q-tip or tightly rolled paper towel
  • White Chalk Pastel Pencil (such as General’s brand)
  • Watercolor set and brushes (several sizes)
  • Water spray bottle
  • Paper towels
  • Cup of water (for rinsing brushes)

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Classroom Information & Policies

Zoom links will be emailed to you before class. The class will be recorded and you’ll have access to that recording for 7 days after the class. Also, at the conclusion, you will be provided with reference materials for the patterns we created.

In our time together, I will create a judgement-free zone. There are no mistakes in Zentangle! That means that each participant can go at their own pace and ability. I will encourage everyone to experiment and see what works for them.

Studio class cancellation policies can be found here.

Class Registration

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