Math Art Class for Kids

Math Art Class for Kids

Who knew that math could be so beautiful? Learn about cardioids, tessellations, fractals, arcs, and spirals. Explore where these occur naturally, uses for them in technology, and – most importantly – how to draw them! And parents, this is a great way to sneak some math into your kid’s diet!

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Math Art Class for Kids Cardioids Tessellations Fractals Arcs Fibonacci Sierpinski Triangle

This flexible schedule class runs for eight weeks. The first week covers arcs and segues into cardiods for weeks two and three. We’ll then move on to the Fibonacci spiral in week four so we’re ready for fractals in weeks five and six. We’ll wrap up with tessellations for teh final two weeks.

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Supplies for Math Art for Kids

Every week, students need:

  • Pencil
  • Rubber or sand eraser
  • Ruler
  • Mix Media Paper (min 98lb/160g) – at least 9″x12″ (22.9cm x 30.5cm)
  • Black Fine Tipped Art Pen (such as a Micron 01, 02, or PN)
  • Markers, Gel Pens, and/or Colored Pencils


  • Cardiod Project (Weeks 2 & 3): compass (for drawing circles) and protractor
  • Fibonacci Spirals (Week 4): A piece of graph paper – I will provide a PDF to be printed
  • Fractals (Week 6) – Compass (for drawing circles)
  • Tessellations (Week 7): 2 or 3 index cards, scissors, scotch tape
  • Tessellations (Week 8): Washi tape, Watercolor set, brush, and rinse water

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Class Structure

All material is taught asynchronously through an Outschool Flex Class. Flex classes work with busy schedules. There are no live classes. Instead, students receive weekly video lessons and assignments through the Outschool classroom that they complete during the week according to their own schedule. Students are also able to interact with me and the other students through the classroom.

Upcoming Classes and Registration

Upcoming sessions start the week of:

  • January 8th
  • January 29th
  • February 26th
  • March 25th
  • April 29th
  • May 27th
  • June 17th

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About Outschool

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